Thursday, August 8 - Monday, August 12, 2019 

With each breath we have the capacity to heal and rebalance our well being...when you are in balance you are able to align with the natural rhythm, purpose, and true nature of your soul...reconnecting to Earth's grounding energy and the Universal frequencies of unconditional love.

You will learn to CREA8SANCTUARY with-in, and honor thyself as part of a larger whole and explore ancient paths to health and well being. 


Deeper insight takes mindedness...and a conscious effort to recognize what in your mind or environment depletes your energy...awareness is the seed. Nurturing the seeds with a patient and constant new thought or behavior is where the authentic gifts begin to bloom.

This is when your opinion of yourself is not based in cultural, societal, or familial expectations, it is when your own heart can feel the pull of your desire and move towards it...

Join us for five days and four nights in August at an inspiring, magical place on the coast of Maine. You awake to the first sunrise in the nation and look out over rolling pasture and open ocean.

​This retreat will help you:

  • Experience the benefits of Nature's beauty and healing energy to connect and enhance your own emotional and vibrational frequency.

  • Provide daily meditation where we explore different techniques to enhance or co-create your personal routine for developing inner clarity.  

  • Incorporate sound, movement, and creative processes to amplify practices. 

  • Nourish your body, mind, and soul with locally sourced meals. 

  • Share space with like-hearted women, and give yourself permission to PLAY, to REST, to BE your authentic self...your own best friend.

Deborah Train, CPC, BFA/Edu, Reiki I, is a spiritual and transformational coach, artist, and teacher who has a passion for sharing her journey with others seeking self-empowerment and unearthing our innate ways of wellbeing in mind, body, and soul. 

Kathy Vilnrotter, MHGI, HG.Dip.P, Integrated Energy Tharapy Certified Basic Level, Reiki II,

will introduce sound techniques as a vehicle for attuning to the frequencies that resides within, and around, all of us.

Join us for a soul - nourishing experience Thursday, August 8th - Monday, August 12th 2019 in beautiful Eastport, Maine. includes lodging, 4 light breakfasts, 3 days lunch, 4 dinners, beverages, daily meditation, daily optional workshops, art & culture tour, bonfires and ceremony, and time to explore. You will not want to leave...

REGISTER BEFORE  June 23, 2019 AND SAVE $150.00  (Discounted price $738.00)

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Retreats, Workshops, & Coaching


Founder and OwnerDeborah Train, BFA/EDU, CPC, RC, Writer, Artist, Reiki I Certified

With Guest Facilitator Kathy Vilnrotter, HG.Dip.P, Integrated Energy Tharapy Certified - Basic Level, Reiki II Certified

CREA8SANCTUARY Within and Without

Summer 2019 Retreat Location







80 plus acres, trails, shoreline, organic gardens, and beautiful accommodations - single or double occupancy rooms. Bonfires, fully equipped kitchens to prepare  locally sourced foods, while eagles soar overhead.


Inside and Outside

- Learn to appreciate your own creative connections - what would it feel like to be so engaged in what you are doing that you lose track of time? Tap in to what truly inspires you.

Everyday will be inspiring.  We will step out into the beauty of the day with morning meditation, our gratitude, and discover new ways of seeing and feeling - stopping for beautiful organic meals, beverages, and remembering to balance the learning with the wandering. 


You Will Learn How To Crea8Sanctuary Within & With Out :

  • Learn the power of stillness, breath, and meditation - sitting in sacred space and setting your intention for you deepest fulfillment. 

  • We will give an overview of identifying the energy resonance of our electromagnetic field;  from scientific and ancient perspectives. 

  • Learn how to be totally present and centered through meditation and tuning your  frequency to your innate wisdom. 

  • Find the hidden places within you that seek to express their authenticity.

  • Awaken, everyday, to the inspiration of the surrounding beauty and calm.

  • Create a multi-media collage, alter piece, and receive guidance in writing personalized affirmation to take home to your own sacred space.


Founder, Crea8WellBeing

Retreats, Workshops,Coaching

Deborah Train, BFA/edu, CPC, RC, Independent Writer, Reiki I

"I was born with an insatiable curiosity about this beautiful world we live in and was fortunate to grow up in a time and place where I could roam through the Maine woods, swim in the lake or the ocean, and developed an extraordinary connection with the Earth. This intimacy with 'Nature' has always preempted other relations and connected me with the innate creative force, from a very young age, that is a part of my soul. We all have it - we are here to create. We are all connected.

It's been a spiritual path from the very beginning. I 'felt' the 'energy' in my surroundings and couldn't explain it. While painting the landscape, shaping clay, threading the needle, and mixing the colors I have been able to explore - developing heightened observation and resonance skills -  my intuitive, intellectual, spiritual self, through the process of making. Combined with inquiry, education, volumes of literature, many mentors and teachers, I have discovered that what I had tapped into is our Electromagnetic Field, or what ancient cultures refer to as Qi, Prana, Spirit, God, Aura, Energy, Intuition..or, the Ancient Internet, as I endearingly refer to it.

From my heart I am honored to share my gifts with you for the soul purpose of inspiring your own divine, creative force. "

~ Deborah 

GUEST FACILITATOR Katherine Vilnrotter, HG.Dip.P, Reiki II, Integrated Energy

Tharapy Certified - Basic Level, BPI Building Analyst, Leed AP

"Sound is a vibration, and so are we...and so is everything in our world. Have you ever listened to a song and burst into tears for no apparent reason? Or, have a distant memory come rushing back to you as if it happened yesterday? When this happens you are experiencing something called sympathetic resonance. Within the song there was a note or chord that resonated with the vibrations in your body, emotions, or mind.Each memory holds a vibration, each emotion is a vibration, and the cells that make up your body also hold distinct vibrations. In our external world we are constantly coming into contact with vibrations - sounds, electromagnetic waves from technology, and even the vibration of the Earth, called the Schumann Resonance. Understanding this very important concept can change your relationship to your environment, with those beings you share your life with, and with yourself (all parts of you, from your emotions all the way down to your cells!) During this retreat we will have an opportunity to connect with the vibrations in and around us - with the vibrations we hold inside our bodies and minds, with the vibrations of others, with Nature; expressing them individually and collectively, and identifying and resonating with the essence of those vibrations. Once we become aware we can choose to change, evolve, release, and amplify these vibrations in new and exciting ways - thus contributing to changing our emotions, our brains, our bodies, and our relationship with everything and everyone in the world." 


Katherine Vilnrotter, MHGI, HG, Dip.P, Integrative Energy Tharapy Certified -

Basic Level, Reiki II Certified



Please contact me directly for questions and/or reservations.We will send itinerary, directions, schedules, contractual obligations, and other specifics upon receipt of payment. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about the retreat, lodging, food, or the area.

Looking Forward to Being With You!

Deborah Train, BFA/Edu,

Certified Professional Coach,CPC,

Reiki I Certified

 Eastport, Maine

Portland, Maine

Tel: 207-214-8500





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AUGUST 8-12, 2019 - BREATHE!

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