• Deborah Train

IS IT TIME TO UNPLUG? Intermittent Tech Fasting 101

ARE YOU STRESSED BECAUSE YOU ARE INUNDATED with emails, phone messages, social media responses, texts? Is your phone the first thing you look at when you wake up in the morning, or, before you go to bed? This is the world we live in....and it seems to have taken over our lives.

If anxiety has nestled in to your gut and you are overwhelmed with the nightly newscast, and feel like social media is where you connect then it might be time to take a good look at your screen/tech time.

I am absolutely not suggesting that our technology is a bad thing - we can communicate with people all over the world, share our wisdom, and, well, you are on line now reading THIS! The awareness that many of us feel needs to be addressed is our underdeveloped lack of intimacy with one another, our connectedness and ability to intuit, or use common sense and self direction - do we trust ourselves? Do we know ourselves? What are your values? Your purpose? Are we all on autopilot?

One of the things that has happened as we have become dependent upon technology is that we have to keep up, like machines. Do we have enough time for contemplation about our own authenticity? Our reactions to life, or do we feel like we are on some preprogrammed existence that doesn't really offer us any options?

There are three things you can start with, if you'd like to start working on hearing your own voice in your head, for a change.

1. AWARENESS is key. Make it tangible - write down a few realistic times during the day that you can leave your phone for a specific amount of time - say, to go for a walk with a friend, partner, or one of the kids. Let your friends and family know what your are doing so they can help you not sabotage your progress. Then, write down what it felt like - name the feelings.

2. When you meet with friends, a date, your kids, or a business associate turn your phone too silent. This is common courtesy and no one should live with such fear that they can not have a face to face with someone and not be texting and on the phone with someone else during the visit.

3. Do not look at your phone or computer when you first wake up - lie there for a few minutes to connect with yourself, your God, the Universe, gratitude, and elevate your mood to a happier, optimistic frequency rather then the tension of reaching for the phone to see what facebook and the rest of the world are up to. Meditate in the morning and tap into the ANCIENT internet! After a few weeks of making an honest effort to begin monitoring your tech use, if you begin regularly with a few of these suggestions, you will start to FEEL more peace, more serenity, and a bit more balanced. And never forget that Nature is an all natural healer - more time outside with restore balance to your life, naturally. Good luck! If you'd like to unplug in Eastport, Maine, August 8-12 I would love to see you - looking forward to another inspiring day!

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