• Deborah Train

Spend Some Time Unplugging

Self Care....

A mind that is constantly worrying and processing the negativity flying at us from every angle

will NEVER figure out, or solve whatever issue is at hand.

It takes a quiet, centered mind to sink down to the heart of the matter and really understand what all of the chaos has been about. It takes valuing our own wellbeing and taking time to STOP in order that we can begin to reprogram some of the little voices we have listened to for a lifetime. Stepping away from routine, being willing to get a little uncomfortable with the idea that our rationale is probably skewed, and that we really do deserve to have some peace of mind, is a step in the right direction. If we really took a look at how concerned we were about what others think of us, if we're doing the right thing, and the what if's filled with fear, doubt, and insecurity, then we would realize that we really aren't living our own lives - we are subscribing to someone else's ideals around family, success, love, beauty, add infinitum. Especially in a society that seems to be having an overall identity crisis!

If you are trying to navigate these waters with one oar and struggling - perhaps you've tried meditation, read some positivity, and given it a toe test - then maybe what you need to do is dive into the deep side of the pool and really learn to swim. Some of us are in a natural progression of change, or transition, and have some natural insecurity about what's up ahead...we can not continue to divvy ourselves up - meditate in the morning and an hour later blare on the horn in traffic on the way to work - and expect to have any real change. What would it be worth to feel grounded everyday? What would it be worth to to feel the calm center of the eye of the hurricane, while the rest of the world whirls around you?

#1. Stop Judging Yourself. #2 Stop Judging Others. There's a lot going on in the world, but let's start with ourselves....look at your schedule - how realistic is it to keep saying yes, when you know you need to say 'no?' If you start with these few simple practices you will begin to feel the loosening of your breath. Try this for a while without guilt, without taking on someone else trying to guilt you. It is a challenge for those of us who have lived to please others (co-dependency) - and after you begin to feel better yourself, slowly you can pick and choose what you are truly able to say yes to....give yourself permission to practice putting yourself at the top of your list - if you don't, no-one else will. So far as the meditation goes, you don't have to be a guru - just sit quietly and try to still the mind. Or, if you prefer, as in many Asian cultures, stand in stillness...take deep breathes, through the nose and into the belly. Exhale fully, and repeat. Write a gratitude doesn't need to be more complicated than this - our ego needs it to be complicated. If you make a sincere effort to these practices you will FEEL the change inside of you....and then you will want to discover more. Start simple, but start. And remember, it's not a competition- no judgement...with much love on the journey, Deborah

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